Unleashed an amateur Italian girl

The phone was ringing for the third time and Natasha decided to pick up phone. As she picked the phone she could hear clearly that it was Jenny on the phone. “Hallo Natasha?” Asked Jenny in a cool and seductive tone. “There is a get together party at Steve’s house and i was wondering whether you are interested.”

“You know I cant make it because…….” Before she could explain Jenny convinced her that Mike would be there. Natasha could not resist the temptation because Mike was her long time crush. “Ok I will come but just for an hour or so.” Replied Natasha.

As she pooped inside the bathroom, she could feel her pussy itching with pleasure. That seemed strange because only a hard dick and a dildo gave her any sexual pleasure. She undressed slowly and jumped in the bathtub. As she massaged her body with soap, she could not resist the effect that the warm water was doing to her body. She rubbed her Hugemelons boobs gently and began moaning. “Ooooh God, this is what I need.” Moaned Natasha.

After she had cleaned herself thoroughly, she put on a red thong and bra. She also put on a tight fitting mini skirt knowing that Mike would be turned on. As she walked to her car, she could feel her whole body wobble with excitement.

Ten minutes later, Natasha was at the venue all eager to experience the sensation. She opened the door and the atmosphere inside was very erotica. There were naked girls on the tables strip dancing and entertaining the guests. There were countless young men who had cuddled to young girls and they were all making out. The guests were drinking and laughing and the mood was very exciting.

Before Natasha could decide what to do, Jenny emerged from the crowd and hugged Natasha. ‘What took you soy long and we have been waiting for you?” Lamented Jenny who was already drunk. Before she could answer Mike stood there waving at her with a naughty smile. Natasha could feel some sensations on her pussy. ”

Mike, can I talked to you privately?” Natasha requested in a rather sexual voice. ‘With pleasure” Replied Mike and he grabbed her hand and led her towards the stars. Once in the room, Natasha started by confessing how she felt about Mike. Before she could say more, Mike grabbed her ass and pressed his body against her. Natasha could feel his dick pressing hard against her pussy. Their lips touched and they began kissing softly. The kissing was so passionate that Natasha lost control of herself. All her body, soul and mind was on fire. She realized that her panty was soaking wet and she could not control her body any more.

“Please Mike the almighty tear down my cloths and expose my hidden treasure.” No sooner had she said this than Mike snapped out her cloths like a twig. Now Natasha was half naked and Mike could she that there was a wet spot on her crotch. “Did I do this to you?” Asked Mike in a seductive voice. “Yeah baby” She replied. Mike undid her bra and reached for her panty. Her pussy was well trimmed and Mike decided to go down on her. “Oooooh God” She moaned. “Lick that pussy Mike. It is all yours. I surrender all myself to you. My body is now your temple.”

Mike, been an expert pussy licker, dug his tongue inside her pink pussy lips. He circled his tongue around the clitoris and Natasha lost it. It felt so nice that Natasha screamed and cried with pleasure. By now her nipples were erect and the feeling had made her breasts bigger. As he continued to pleasure her, he inserted his index finger on her asshole. Natasha had never experienced such pleasure before and she was completely lost.

“Hey honey, can you suck my dick?” Mike asked her politely. Natasha was an amateur and had not given a blowjob to a guy before. She did not want to dissapoint Mike and so she decided to try it. She unzipped his trouser and was amazed by what she saw. His dick was so huge that Natasha thought it would never fit in her pussy. ‘Wow, you are endowed down here” Exclaimed Natasha. She unleashed the dick and started stroking the tip. Minutes later, Mike was moaning like a caged dragon. Natasha continued stroking his balls and Mike was out of words.

He started fucking her mouth slowly ensuring that half of his dick was in her mouth. His pre cum could be seen dripping from her mouth. Just then, Natasha begged Mike to fuck her. He made her lie on the bed and she spread her legs wide open. Mike inserted his dick inside Natasha and they started fucking vigorously. Mike continued pumping his dick inside her pussy and Natasha began moaning loudly.

They fucked for three hours non stop and they explored their bodies together till Mike cummed in her. She felt so complete that she did not care about anything else apart from the fact that that was a day to remember.

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